Trưởng Bối (1981)

My Young Auntie

Trưởng Bối (1981)

Cheng, a beautiful martial arts ace, battles to keep her inheritance from the ruthless Yun Wei, but her efforts are sabotaged by Yu Tao, her wayward and irrepressible great-nephew. Following a frenzy of spectacular comic mishaps, the hapless duo are setup and imprisoned and the deeds to Cheng's estate are stolen. She is held hostage after a doomed attempt to reclaim the papers back from Yu Wei's place, and the stage is set for a savage fight to the death.

Lượt Xem: 57
Quốc Gia: Hồng Kông
Năm Sản Xuất: 1981
Thể Loại: Hài Hước, Hành Động
Diễn viên: Lau Kar-leung, Kara Wai Ying-Hung, Johnny Wang Lung-Wei
Đạo diễn: Lau Kar-leung
Tags: Trưởng Bối, My Young Auntie

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